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How Do I Become A Master Gardener?

Do you have an interest in serving your community by volunteering with civic organizations, public libraries, and school groups?

Do you have the desire to share the joy of plants and gardening with others?

Do you want to teach others more about natureand their environment?

Do you have 80 hours in the first year to devote to the program?

(40 hours for training and 40 hours serving your community)

5 Simple Steps to Become a Certified Master Gardener!

  1. Contact your County Extension Agent
  2. Complete an application
  3. Attend an Extension Master Gardener training
  4. Volunteer, representing UT Extension, and report your hours of service
  5. Re-certify the next year!
Educational Session Putnam County Master Gardeners
Educational Session – Putnam County
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Class Project Plant Team Rutherford County
Class Project – Rutherford County
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Youth Education Around Town Shelby County
Youth Education – Shelby County
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Some of the plants in the early 19th century flower garden at The Hermitage, the home of president Andrew Jackson, are the originals from Jackson’s era.

The Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee