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Regional Alliance Meetings

Each county member should attend their respective annual regional meeting. Regional meetings provide groups an opportunity to network, focus on issues relevant to the region and their volunteers, and provide support and guidance to other counties. This year members will vote on board members to represent them on the TMG Advocacy Board (TMGAB). Only one (more are welcome) representative from each county member group is needed to attend. Representatives are usually the president or a delegation selected by the executive board/MG Agent.

     Advocacy Board Application (2015)  Due April 30, 2015

Tennessee Master Gardeners Advocates

The TMG Advocacy Board is a state Extension program committee created to include representation of all facets of the TMG program. It is composed of three county Extension agents (who are local Master Gardener Program coordinators representing each region), nine certified Master Gardeners (three from each region) who have served as volunteers and been active in their local MG programs, one state Extension specialist who has worked with the MG Program and the state Master Gardener coordinator who serves as a facilitator of this committee.

      Advocates Directory (2014)

The TMGAB is charged with the following tasks to accomplish this strategic purpose:

    • Provide local mentorship to county groups
    • Facilitate communication
    • Establish program policies
    • Define relationships between University of Tennessee Extension and Master Gardener volunteers
    • Identify and develop new program information and materials, and revise existing program information as needed
    • Set goals, objectives and action plans for obtaining goals for the Tennessee Master Gardener Program
    • Provides leadership for the TMG Alliance, a united state organization organized by region.

To apply for a regional TMGAB position:

    1. Complete the TMGAB Application.
    2. Have the applciation signed by your County Agent, only one board member per county.
    3. Submit to Chris Cooper, 7777 Walnut Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38120, or fax: 901-752-6240.

Tennessee Master Gardener Alliance

The TMGAB sponsors the TMG Alliance. The purpose of this group is to create a communication network to ensure an improved TMG program. The Alliance is composed of three regions with equal representation from each county in that region. The Alliance allows group leadership an opportunity to communicate directly with the TMGAB at regional and statewide meetings.

Goals and Strategies of the TMG Alliance (TMGA)

    1. To foster the missions of TMG and UT Extension;
    2. To nurture an appreciation of the diversity of local TMG groups;
    3. To provide communication for TMG leadership;
    4. To support local TMG leadership for all local TMG programs.

TMGA is comprised of Tennessee Master Gardener program county groups in “good-standing” providing guidance on significant issues related to policy, strategy and objectives.

Use the directory below to meet advocates and members and contact them for more information. It may be updated if there are corrections.

     Alliance Membership Directory (2012-2013)


     County Registration Form

TMGAB Reports